The Calamari crew is here to protect the ocean from the nasty creatures of the deep. It's up to you and your inky friends to clear the murky waters and save the sea before it's too late!

Planned Features
- Local Co-op
- Unlockable Songs
- Bosses

Click to Navigate
Left & Right
Arrow Key
Esc to Exit to Menu

Feel free to share your high score, give constructive feedback, or report any bugs.


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It's not loading, stuck at 62%

Great game can not wait to see more of your games

woah i found a bug where the game softlocks

idk how but when i got some upgrade it made em shoot 3 nbullets and somehow the game timer stopped and didnt move anymore and even worse i picked up a green one that does no damage and i cant die

Thanks for finding bug

this games awesome, where can i listen to the music

We can upload music somewhere


very well made, I like how the music changes when you change Characters and the art is sooo cute. Why not release this on the App/Play store it has great appeal for casual gamers.


Thanks for the kind words! :) 

We'll see about bringing this to mobile.