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What is this? I feel like this is kind of like the middle child of firith...

It's the greatest creation of all time...

Yes. I now see. Calamari Madness is greater than anything ever born or created


Really enjoyed playing this game! Very simple gameplay controls, but I think that makes it such a fun challenge!

The graphics are stunning and the sound design really made me smile! The controls felt good to use. 10/10 would recommend a quick play! 

Thanks! :)

o jogo travou na pausa, mas não afetou o jogo [sou br, eu realmente gosto dos vídeos de deus]


desculpe! este jogo tem alguns bugs. já agora, planeamos fazer uma sequela

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i broke the game no one is spawning

Oof. This is a known bug. Sorry!

I love this game. Can i ask waht size are sprites (canvas size in px). Thanks

Good question. Maybe 16x16?

Ok, thanks


i wish there was a downloadable version

We can look into that


btw do you know goodgis? he is my favorite gamedev youtuber

Of course :)

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Nice. I love the design of the cursor:)


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It's not loading, stuck at 62%

Hm weird

Great game can not wait to see more of your games


woah i found a bug where the game softlocks

idk how but when i got some upgrade it made em shoot 3 nbullets and somehow the game timer stopped and didnt move anymore and even worse i picked up a green one that does no damage and i cant die

Thanks for finding bug

this games awesome, where can i listen to the music

We can upload music somewhere


very well made, I like how the music changes when you change Characters and the art is sooo cute. Why not release this on the App/Play store it has great appeal for casual gamers.


Thanks for the kind words! :) 

We'll see about bringing this to mobile.