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2-6 Players | 3-6 Hours | Ages 12+

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Not Your Typical RPG

Snomes is a mini tabletop role-playing game with a focus on magic and wintery gnomes. With its D6 based system, anyone with a standard six sided die can quickly jump in. Making it a great role-playing system for new players.

Reckless Reactions

Snomes also uses a unique mechanic called “Reckless Reactions”. These Reactions take place whenever a player rolls a 1 on their die. This causes them to use random spells, for better or for worse, creating constant chaos and laughter in every role-playing session.

Stupidly Chaotic

Imagine you are trying to jump across a river and you fall asleep mid-jump. Or you are talking to a shopkeeper and accidentally shoot a fire ball at them. Maybe you are trying to sneak into a castle, but instead you scream at the top of your lungs. Reckless Reactions will keep you on your toes and make for hilariously stupid situations.

Snomes is an experience you don't want to miss. Grab your copy today!

What’s does the booklet contain?

  • Character Creation
  • How to Play
  • Crazy Monsters & NPCs
  • Beautiful Maps
  • The Thief in the Night Story
  • Character Sheets

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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Hey can you make a free expansion. I love this game!

We can sure look into that! :)


That's exactly what I was looking for! A simple RPG with good mechanics and easy to understand structure. U helped me fam!

for some reason, goodgis' video on this isn't available in my region, are you aware of this and why?


We'll look into it. Thanks!

So I just bought this and it’s good, but there seems to be a page missing. On page 5 it starts listing possible interpretations for reckless reactions and then page 6 starts the combat section. Is there a page missing, or did you only mean to define 3 of the reckless reactions?


The full list of reckless reactions is on the character sheet. The booklet doesn't explain every one as it's up to your interpretation. 


Ah, okay. My mistake.

This looks hilarious, and I can already think of some additional random effects I'd toss in.

If you have some fun ideas that worked out well your game, make sure to shoot us an email and we can add them for everyone to enjoy!




I'm going to make more weapons and another story to. I'm thinking about adding snelves, snow elves and a few enemies.

Awesome! :)

If you make any artwork feel free to share

Is this getting a video, it looks SO COOL

Yeah, we can do a video at some point.


i wanna buy this but i dont have mone

No worries. Thanks for checking it out! :)