Wizbirds Online 3.0

After months and months and months...and months of promising this update, we've F I N A L L Y completed it!

We're happy to release this latest Wizbirds Online update on itch.io.

In the past, the game could only be played via a web browser on our website, but we've switched to a client this time around, which should make for a better overall experience.

If you're new to Wizbirds, want to learn more, or would like to meet other players, then head on over to our official Discord server

Lastly, feel free to check out our other projects on itch.io, or on our website.


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Apparently it "shut down"

This is a good game this is a GREAT game!



are people still playing this game because whenever i play no ones there

Yeah, but you should ping the Wizbirds Player role on our Discord in the #wizbirds channel

holy shoot, this reminds me of stick online.
its scratching an ancient itch

Always an honor to have a Stick Online player around!

How do I reset my password?

Contact us via e-mail or Discord

it keeps looking for an index.js file in its directory

Look when you press create account its alredy created , just log in with gmail and *gmail pass* and its done!

easy peasy

i forgot to add: there's no index.js file in the directory and just closes itself.

Tried to create an account, nothing happened whenever I clicked the "CREATE" button on the create account screen that you fill out your information in.

That´s happening to me to