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did the price go up?

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That will be 1 million rupees, sir 🫰

The answer is no



I just love your content at Firith Studio. I also have a game challenge for Goodgis: Add an outer space section with evil stars to Dewdrop Dynasty.


Amazing idea


Is it by any chance possible for me to collaborate with Goodgis on Scratch?


Goodgis is really busy, but you can reach out to him through email:

I'm a kid though and can't use that

you dont have email lol


So is there another way perhaps?


Is it possible to buy the board game version of this and if so where?


If you can find a used copy, then yes. Otherwise, not until we get a publisher


where are the used copys 





Why expensive? the printer is already expensive


Wait for a sale


Hello! I want to try making an expansion for me and my friends to play, but without the right font, it doesn't really fit in. Is there anywhere I can buy/download the fonts used?

Contact Goodgis or JankyBread


can you make it cheaper


Be on the lookout for Firith sales

Wo kann man das Spiel kaufen?

Should I print on paper or cardstock?


I have a question about the rules, can you move after attacking some one if you still have more speed.

Speed only indicates how far you can move in a single turn. 

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What software did you use to make the art for the Keeyp

We used Adobe Illustrator, but you could use other vector software like Affinity Designer (cheaper) or Inkscape (free)

Thank you.

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Hello again....
I made a free sketch of a new character to make an update for TheKeeyp's expansion "Garden Games"

I would like to be part of the keeyp team :3 and work with us.




Hey I'm wonder what art software you use to make this art.



Thank you

Where can I contact to the owner of the art of the game?

To negotiate copyright permissions for art use, because I have a project and I liked this design.

btw: I Love this game so much!!!

The artist for The Keeyp also were the creators. Unfortunately, none of The Keeyp artwork and assets copyrights are available for sale.

Oh, okey...
Thank you so much for the answer :3

Is it possible to pay somehow with for example a Google play card? 

We're not aware of any way to pay with a Google play card. 

Why 7 dice?


1 to roll them all
6 for the Keeypling kings

But in all seriousness, you need 1 for rolling and 1 dice for each player.

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Hi, I am from India and trying to but this print and play edition however I have tried different cards and all of them got declined. I have checked my international transactions with my bank and all are good to go but I am still unable to make a purchase. Can you please help me with this?

Send an email to 

how do I print it out?


With a printer of course! Or you can find a professional printing service.
You can ask others in our Discord server:
Check out #TheKeeyp text channel

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What font does "Keeyp" in the title use


he made his own he is a graphic designer


Does this pdf include the expansion?


We're planning on releasing some expansions later this year.

When and how do you play the ATK and DEF cards? I wasn't able to find that in the instructions.



Attacking happens after the key is found. When someone lands on a space that is already occupied by someone else they enter into battle. This is when you would use ATK if attacking and DEF if defending. We like to hide all our items and flip at the same time, that way no one knows who is using what. It is up to whoever is playing as long as everyone does the same thing. Some people play that the attacking player has to show the weapon first.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Bread 🍞 


Hello ! You're game is so cool and unique ! It have alot of potential. I bet the expansions that you mentioned in your videos will be as such.

But I'm French and some cards explanations aren't that clear on how you can uses them.

Here are the ones I got problems with:

1) What does Blue Jazz power do ? (It's to hard for me to translate / understand)

2) What does Hat-Nip power do ? (It's to hard for me to translate / understand)

3) Does Shieldon use the "DEF" points of shields items as "ATK" points ?

4) What are all the situations where I can use a "Not an apple" ? Can I use it :

  • at the start of my turn,
  • after I mooved my keepling some tiles,
  • at the end of my turn,
  • at the start of a fight,
  • at the end of a fight ...

5) At the start of a fight, who can use an item first ? The attackant or the deffender ? I think that the attackant must choose first and then the player that is defending. Is it like that ?

Thank you in advance for answering my numerous questions ! :)

I am glad you enjoy the game!

1) Blue Jazz attacks from a distance. He does not have to be on the same space as someone to attack them. And the further away he is the higher his ATK is. 

2) Hat-Nip can move two of the tiles by swapping their position with one another. But it cannot break the dungeon into two sections. So the two tiles have to be on the outer edge of the map.

3) Yes

4) you can only use food items at the start of your turn

5) it is truly up to whoever is playing as long as everyone does the same thing. We like to hide all our items and flip at the same time, that way no one knows who is using what.

Thanks for playing!

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Hey, does passing a chest count as landing on it? For example, if a chest is right in front of me and I move two spaces instead of one meaning my player is behind the chest, I passed by the chest while going behind it. Does that mean I can draw an item? Also, can you draw an item from the same chest twice? Like, you get an item from a chest, move on to somewhere else, and then a few turns later you go back, does that mean you get to draw another item? And if a player gets an item from a chest, can other players also get an item from that same chest? I'd like to know everything about how chest and obtaining items works, because it seems strange that there are so many items and that there is an item maximum that you can hold and that it says in the rulebook what to do if the item pile runs out, and there only being a few chest tiles that you can print.

Does passing spike/slime count as landing on the spike/slime or is it just like if you end your turn on a spike or slime, on your next turn you roll the die?

And does the blue jazz's ranged attack ignore defense or not

Does blue jazz's ability add onto it's current attack? Blue jazz has 1 atk, if someone is 5 tiles away from you and you shoot, do you deal 6 damage because 5 + 1 is 6?

Does Big Look's ability only activate when it moves onto an empty space or does it activate whenever, and does it get to put the tile card it gets on any empty space it wants?

Can you get a key from a chest?

Does Klepto-mari's turn end when it uses its steal ability or can it still use its speed to get away?

Can Slip Kid use its ability at any time or only at the start of its turn? Can it walk and THEN use its ability?

Can you use an ability and item on the same turn and if so, in what order?

Are surprise tiles only found once per game or do they go back into the tile pile after used

What does the Switch item do? Does it let you turn into another keeypling, and if so, does it restore your health to 6? Or does it swap your position with another player? Do you become another player and if so, does it turn your health to the player you swap into?


For your question about chests: you have to land on a chest tile to pick an item. Meaning you stop moving to get an item and cannot use any remaining SPD that turn. Chests can be used as many times as you like. And for the items once they run out it is up to you whether you shuffle and reuse or choose to run out of items.

Spikes/slime: every time you leave one of these tiles you roll. Whether you start your turn in one or are just passing through. 

Blue jazz does not ignore DEF stat. And yes I’m that example he would have 6 ATK. 

Big look’s ability activated when you are drawing a new tile. You can choose to draw three instead on one and pick your favorite to put in that space.

The key can only be attained from the key tile or by beating someone in combat.

Klepto can still use speed with his ability. (He is my favorite character)

Slip kid’s ability is his SPD for that turn. So you can either use your SPD or slide in a straight line.

For an item and ability at the same time: Depends on the Keeypling. Some abilities are used during combat or when drawing cards. But in general if the rules don’t say you can’t do it, then go for it! Makes it interesting.

Surprise tiles are only meant to be found once, but you can always shuffle them back in for more surprises if you like.

The switch item is treated the same as if you were swapping Keeyplings on the start tile. You keep the HP you currently have. And you would just be swapping between the two Keeyplings you have.

Hope this helps, I’m not usually on itch that much, but when I saw these questions I thought I’d respond.

Bread 🍞 

can u add stuff like tuff toof or sheldon or the garden games expansion pack?


Yeah, definitely! We haven't gotten around to it yet, but don't worry!

Thank you very much!


For Hat-Nip what does outside tiles mean?


A tile that isn’t surrounded. On the outside of the map.

Hola el juego es de un creador llamado Godgis si quieres ir a apoyarlo ve a su canal de Youtube es de habla inglesa y ahí aclara varias cosas del juego

¡Muchas gracias!


Hi! I've recently just discovered this game. I really like the mechanics of the game. tile-laying games are one of my favorites--never the same game twice. Just wanna ask what app or program you use in designing/creating the art for The Keeyps? I'd really like to try it out. Your designs are so pleasing to the eyes and I was wondering if I could do that kind of art too. Thanks! And more power to you guys! :D


Thanks! We used Adobe Illustrator to make this artwork, but you could use  a free and open source program like Inkscape to create similar artwork.


Rule Questions

  • If two players are in combat is it just one round and then their turn is over, and does the attacked player can run away or do they have to fight?.
  • Is a round = Moment + placing a tile. Do you always place a tile at the end of your turn?
  • If a player has the key and dies does it go to the winner of the combat? Or back ton the key tile?

1. It's 1 round of combat so they both get a turn to fight.
2. You only place a tile if you move off into an empty space.
3. Key goes to the winner.


thanks so much the we were placing a tile every time and it seems like it was moving way to fast 🤣

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Hello! I own the physical version, and i just need a template for making custom cards. could you supply a template please?

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Love the game concept. I want to know I am buying print and play version and i from india. So I am paying INR to USD so how much tax i want to pay for this.

The game is extremely affordable. Especially now that it's on sale.

Thank you so very much ❤️

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How long is the sale on for

Hey Jesse! For a couple more days.


Question: are there going to be translations available for this? Maybe if you provide vector PDFs we can do it, so you do not have to. :)

What language would you like to see?

Spanish, basically. I am from Perú, so it would be great to also be able to play with someone who does not understand english very well. :)

Italian will be really appreciated too :)

Portuguese, I am from Brazil and my family dont realy know inglish

Is french possible ? I kinda didn't uderstand Blue Jazz and Hat-Nip power.


Love the Keeyp and I’m so happy to finally have my hands on the game! I saw the video on it but it was too late for me to participate in the Kickstarter so the print and play was a great alternative.

Just curious though, are there any plans to make a print and play version of that Garden Games expansion that seems to have been available at one time? I’d absolutely love to get my hands on it for some more gameplay variations. 

Thanks for the support!

We'll probably add the expansions to Print & Play Edition around Q1 of next year.

Will there be more than one expansion or only Garden Games?

Maybe more than Garden Games!


I received the pdfs though kickstarter and was attempting to cut and engrave the tiles into wood with a lasercutter. I noticed the pdf essentially just contains pixel images and was wondering if it would be possible to get vector graphics of the black and white version.

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It's possible to convert raster to vector with programs like Adobe Illustrator, but we'll look into it.

What kind of paper do you use? I heared best is 110lb or 300gsm should work?

Card stock

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I've been playing the game with family and friends and loving it!

I have some rules questions, though. Can I ask them here?

We've had different interpretations of various rules, and I know we can just use whichever interpretation we like the best, but I'd be interested to know the original design intents, if possible.


1 - ["Landing On"]. What does "land on" mean in the instructions and on cards? (a) "move onto", so you're "landing on" every tile you pass through, or (b) "end your movement on", so you're only "landing on" one tile per turn?

For example, can you pass through players while the key is found, or are you forced to stop and fight? Or can you pass through a chest tile to pick up an item, or do you have to end your turn on the tile to get an item?

2 - [Tunnel Tiles]. Can you keep moving after traveling from one tunnel tile to the other if you have speed left? Or do you have to end your movement on one in order to be moved to the other, thus leaving you without any speed left?

3 - [Slime Tiles]. When it says "an odd number will leave you stuck until your next turn", does that mean you're automatically free on your next turn, or do you have to roll again on all subsequent turns until you're free?

4 - [Surprise Tiles]. When you draw a Surprise Tile, does your turn end even though you're not laying down a Keeyp Tile? Or can you keep moving if you have speed left?

== ITEMS ==

5 - [Assist Item Timing]. Some items like Not an Apple and Chad's Shirt don't specify when you can use them. The instructions say "You can only use one Assist Item per turn", but does that mean your turn, or can you use them anytime during opponent's turns as well?

6 - [Shiny Shield]. What does "reflected" mean? Does their weapon still add to their ATK, or is it nullified?

Additionally, what does "weapon damage" mean? Do they only take damage if they dealt damage to me because their ATK was still higher than my DEF (ie. they dealt 1 damage thanks to the short sword, so they also take 1 damage)? Or does "weapon damage" simply mean the bonus that the weapon grants (ie. a +2 Short Sword means they lose 2 HP)?

7 - [Tasty Shoom & Sparkle Fruit]. If you start the game with 4 HP, can these increase you to 5 or 6? If you start with 6, can you go beyond that? Or is your starting HP also your maximum HP?


8 - [Ability Timing]. Some abilities like Wiz Bird's and Hat-Nip's don't specify when to use them. Can you use them anytime, such as in the middle of an opponent's turn? Or only during your own turn?

9 - [Maxwell]. Can you use this only on the target's turn, on your own turn, or anytime? Additionally, do they need to have enough speed left for them to reach you in order to use it, and do they move through traps and such as normal? Or do they basically teleport to you?

10 - [Blue Jazz]. Can you use this anytime during your turn, or only when you finish moving and have an enemy in sight? Also, when you use it, do you stay put and are you immune to the damage if their DEF beats your ATK? Or do you, like, teleport to the target's tile first and continue combat as normal?

11 - [Slip Kid]. Do you use the slide instead of all of your normal movement? Or can you activate it each time you move a tile (so up to twice per turn, since their SPD is 2)?

12 - [Chef Antony]. Does his ability mean you can land on a chest tile to pick up one item, then use your ability to pick up 3 more for a total of 4? Or does it mean you pick up 3 item cards instead of 1?

Thanks for producing such a great game!

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  1. You can pass through tiles players are on after the key is found without fighting them. It is only if you end your movement in the same tile. Same goes for a chest. You have to stop there to get an item and cannot move more in that turn. If you pass through the chest without stopping you pass by the chest without an item.
  2. You can keep moving after using a tunnel tile. I think if the two tiles as practically the same tile.
  3. You can get stuck in slime for multiple consecutive turns. Bad rolls can get you stuck there for quite a while.
  4. You do not move after a surprise tile. It is basically the same as placing a new tile.
  5. The not an Apple acts the same way as the other food items. Use it on your turn. As for the shirt, it is more of a fun novelty item that is meant to be an OP item for Chad to have the rest of the game in the slim chance he gets it.
  6. The shiny shield sends the weapon damage back at the attacker, simply means the Bonus ATK the weapon provides. Ex. The attacker uses a short sword, 2 is sent back to the attacker.
  7. You can go up to six no matter where you start, but six is the highest. 
  8. If they do not specify then yes, at any time even during an opponents turn.
  9. If it does not specify it can be used at any time. They do not need speed left to move to him, and it is basically like teleporting to him, no traps and such.
  10. Attacking is the last thing you do on your turn, so blue jazz would have to move at least one tile and then can attack. After attacking he does not get to move again, even if he has more speed. He does stay were he is at when attacking, because he has a range attack. He is not immune to the damage caused by another players DEF.
  11. He uses it in place of his SPD. So only once per turn.
  12. 3 item cards instead of 1. Same goes for big look, 3 instead of 1, not 4.

Awesome! Thank you so much for the clarifications!

finally I couldnt play it


Hi, could it be possible to have a french version ? I'm willing to help you in the translation.


good idea and bonjour  


We're looking into translation/localization


Très bonne idée ! Please do that ! :)

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How much does it cost in ink to print? Btw, super hyped to play!!!


1-2 USD depending on your printer.




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Ah!! It's here! I can't way to play! \0⏑0_

have fun!


It looks great! Can't wait to get my hands on the physical edition :D

Thank you for your time

Hope you enjoy it! :D

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