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What kind of paper do you use? I heared best is 110lb or 300gsm should work?

Card stock

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I've been playing the game with family and friends and loving it!

I have some rules questions, though. Can I ask them here?

We've had different interpretations of various rules, and I know we can just use whichever interpretation we like the best, but I'd be interested to know the original design intents, if possible.


1 - ["Landing On"]. What does "land on" mean in the instructions and on cards? (a) "move onto", so you're "landing on" every tile you pass through, or (b) "end your movement on", so you're only "landing on" one tile per turn?

For example, can you pass through players while the key is found, or are you forced to stop and fight? Or can you pass through a chest tile to pick up an item, or do you have to end your turn on the tile to get an item?

2 - [Tunnel Tiles]. Can you keep moving after traveling from one tunnel tile to the other if you have speed left? Or do you have to end your movement on one in order to be moved to the other, thus leaving you without any speed left?

3 - [Slime Tiles]. When it says "an odd number will leave you stuck until your next turn", does that mean you're automatically free on your next turn, or do you have to roll again on all subsequent turns until you're free?

4 - [Surprise Tiles]. When you draw a Surprise Tile, does your turn end even though you're not laying down a Keeyp Tile? Or can you keep moving if you have speed left?

== ITEMS ==

5 - [Assist Item Timing]. Some items like Not an Apple and Chad's Shirt don't specify when you can use them. The instructions say "You can only use one Assist Item per turn", but does that mean your turn, or can you use them anytime during opponent's turns as well?

6 - [Shiny Shield]. What does "reflected" mean? Does their weapon still add to their ATK, or is it nullified?

Additionally, what does "weapon damage" mean? Do they only take damage if they dealt damage to me because their ATK was still higher than my DEF (ie. they dealt 1 damage thanks to the short sword, so they also take 1 damage)? Or does "weapon damage" simply mean the bonus that the weapon grants (ie. a +2 Short Sword means they lose 2 HP)?

7 - [Tasty Shoom & Sparkle Fruit]. If you start the game with 4 HP, can these increase you to 5 or 6? If you start with 6, can you go beyond that? Or is your starting HP also your maximum HP?


8 - [Ability Timing]. Some abilities like Wiz Bird's and Hat-Nip's don't specify when to use them. Can you use them anytime, such as in the middle of an opponent's turn? Or only during your own turn?

9 - [Maxwell]. Can you use this only on the target's turn, on your own turn, or anytime? Additionally, do they need to have enough speed left for them to reach you in order to use it, and do they move through traps and such as normal? Or do they basically teleport to you?

10 - [Blue Jazz]. Can you use this anytime during your turn, or only when you finish moving and have an enemy in sight? Also, when you use it, do you stay put and are you immune to the damage if their DEF beats your ATK? Or do you, like, teleport to the target's tile first and continue combat as normal?

11 - [Slip Kid]. Do you use the slide instead of all of your normal movement? Or can you activate it each time you move a tile (so up to twice per turn, since their SPD is 2)?

12 - [Chef Antony]. Does his ability mean you can land on a chest tile to pick up one item, then use your ability to pick up 3 more for a total of 4? Or does it mean you pick up 3 item cards instead of 1?

Thanks for producing such a great game!

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  1. You can pass through tiles players are on after the key is found without fighting them. It is only if you end your movement in the same tile. Same goes for a chest. You have to stop there to get an item and cannot move more in that turn. If you pass through the chest without stopping you pass by the chest without an item.
  2. You can keep moving after using a tunnel tile. I think if the two tiles as practically the same tile.
  3. You can get stuck in slime for multiple consecutive turns. Bad rolls can get you stuck there for quite a while.
  4. You do not move after a surprise tile. It is basically the same as placing a new tile.
  5. The not an Apple acts the same way as the other food items. Use it on your turn. As for the shirt, it is more of a fun novelty item that is meant to be an OP item for Chad to have the rest of the game in the slim chance he gets it.
  6. The shiny shield sends the weapon damage back at the attacker, simply means the Bonus ATK the weapon provides. Ex. The attacker uses a short sword, 2 is sent back to the attacker.
  7. You can go up to six no matter where you start, but six is the highest. 
  8. If they do not specify then yes, at any time even during an opponents turn.
  9. If it does not specify it can be used at any time. They do not need speed left to move to him, and it is basically like teleporting to him, no traps and such.
  10. Attacking is the last thing you do on your turn, so blue jazz would have to move at least one tile and then can attack. After attacking he does not get to move again, even if he has more speed. He does stay were he is at when attacking, because he has a range attack. He is not immune to the damage caused by another players DEF.
  11. He uses it in place of his SPD. So only once per turn.
  12. 3 item cards instead of 1. Same goes for big look, 3 instead of 1, not 4.

Awesome! Thank you so much for the clarifications!

finally I couldnt play it


Hi, could it be possible to have a french version ? I'm willing to help you in the translation.


good idea and bonjour  


We're looking into translation/localization


Très bonne idée ! Please do that ! :)

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How much does it cost in ink to print? Btw, super hyped to play!!!


1-2 USD depending on your printer.




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Ah!! It's here! I can't way to play! \0⏑0_

have fun!


It looks great! Can't wait to get my hands on the physical edition :D

Thank you for your time

Hope you enjoy it! :D

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