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This is a PDF only product.  Requires The Keeyp: Print & Play Edition to play.

Get your shovels ready for Garden Games! The first official expansion for The Keeyp: Print & Play Edition.

Do you love The Keeyp but are looking for a new experience? Do you have an endless need to dig holes in the middle of a dungeon? Or maybe you wish you could play The Keeyp without fighting?

Well, then Garden Games is the right expansion for you!

It’s up to you to collect tools, explore, and dig in search of the illusive Key. After that, make sure to get away quickly before your friends, or foe, steal it. Just be careful not to uncover any traps in the process.

What’s Does the PDF Come With?

  • Keeypling Printable Cards (x2)
  • Keeyp Printable Garden Tiles (x3)
  • Keeyp Printable Dig Tiles (x6)
  • Item Printable Cards (x7)
  • PDF Rule Booklet

What Supplies will You Need?

  •  The Keeyp: Print & Play Edition (x1)
  • Ink Printer (x1)
  • Printer Paper (x12)
  • Scissors/Xacto Blade* (x1)
  • 6 Sided Dice (x7)

This item is the digital PDF download redeemable via direct download.

Be extremely careful when cutting! Make sure to ask an adult for help.

Join our Discord Server and tag Goodgis or JankyBread to get your Keeyp-related questions answered
: https://discord.gg/BhVRust

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorFirith Studio


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TK Garden Games - Instructions (B&W).pdf 160 kB
TK Garden Games - Instructions.pdf
TK GardenGames - Printable Cards (B&W).pdf 975 kB
TK GardenGames - Printable Cards.pdf 1 MB


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(1 edit) (+1)

I like this DLC, But I want another DLC, my friends & me play the keeyp every week. 


Best dlc ever! When's the next one?


Maybe we can get it out early 2023!

(1 edit) (+1)

Please make this be true



We said maybe. Blame Dewdrop for us not getting it done yet.

well hopefully its a good game

(6 edits) (+2)

Ooohhh, what a pleasant surprise!!

A few rules questions:

1. Snomey. Does his ability (a) make another player lose their whole turn (including playing cards), or (b) just prevent them from moving?

2. Mudd-Budd. When you use its ability, can you (a) still play Assist Items on your turn (such as a Sparkle Fruit or Bad Spade) or does it (b) take up your entire turn (as opposed to taking up just the movement part of your turn)?

3. Spray Nozzle. The phrase "defending player" implies this is some sort of Attack Item (though not a "weapon card"). As such, does it (a) require ending your movement on your opponent's space to use it (as if attacking), or can you (b) use it on anyone from anywhere?

Looking forward to playing!


1. Whole turn

2. Yes to (a)

3. You can use it anywhere, and defending player is the person you’re spraying